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Pick a media file for your episode. Media files include audio (MP3, AAC, etc.) and video (MP4, MOV, etc.) files. You can upload directly from your computer or select from your media library. Once you have a media file selected and uploaded step 2 will become available.


Now you will need to create a title for this episode. Type in a brief title and if you like you can also add a description with a little more detail about the episode. If you want to create links or use HTML you must use the old publish flow. Once this is complete step 3 will become available.


In step 3 you will add an image to the episode which will display in the Podomatic embed player as well as on iTunes and supported podcast playing devices. You can upload a new image from your computer or select a file from your media library. The image is required to be square in shape and if you need to crop an image you can click the crop link. Once this is done you will move on to the 4th and final step.


In this step you will decide the quality setting of your media file. Music is a higher quality file than Talk with a larger file size. Pro podcasters may also use the media file's original quality. If you are not a Pro customer and wish to be you can Go Pro and take advantage of all of the Pro features. Click continue once you have selected the desired quality level.


It is a good idea to check that all of your information and media files are correct at this point. Once you have decided that your episode is ready click publish. A screen will pop up with sharing options for Facebook and Twitter as well as the permalink URL for your episode. Congratulations. You've published a podcast episode on Podomatic!

Select media for your episode
Upload a media file
Enter episode details
To crop this photo, click on it and drag.
Cropped images must be square.
Add an image
Pick an image that will display with your episode, like album art. This step is optional.
Upload an image


Or skip this step
Choose a quality level
(31x16_pro account required)
You decide the quality. No format conversion. (MP3 / M4A only)

Use less bandwidth. Lower quality, smaller file size. (MP3 22050 Hz / 128 Kbps)

High quality transcoding, larger file size. (MP3 44100 Hz / 192 Kbps)

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